GATE-users mailing list

All GATE users are warmly encouraged to share their experience with GATE, and to participate in the dialogue by posting suggestions or new developments to the GATE-users mailing list. Note that technical support will be exclusively provided through the mailing list.

If you have a question, it is quite possible that it has been asked before, and that the answers and discussions about it are stored in the GATE-users archive system. Please use a search engine to check if your question has already been answered before posting to the mailing-list. Note that on many search engines you can restrict your search to our website using the "site:URL" prefix, e.g. carbon ions.

NB: in the past the gate-users email archive was available at You may still find links to that website, which may or may not work. We are not relying on this service anymore, instead we recommend to use the archives at our own mailman page.